CPRE Kent has created a number of technical research reports on a variety of subjects over the years. These are hosted below for you to view as pdf files. Simply click on the report and ‘save as’ to view the file.

Urbanisation and Agriculture in Kent


The end of the road, report March 2017

Planning reforms 2016, What’s the problem

CPRE Kent Operation Stack Position Paper January 2016

Thames Crossing Policy Statement Nov 2015 (002)

CPRE manifesto 2015

Food Land and Water Summary Dec 2014

The Growing Threat to UK Food, Land and Water Resources Feb 2015

Shale Gas and Oil Weald and East Kent report Oct 2014


Gravesham BC SLAA – CPRE Submission



operation stack report – cpre kent2





Court Judgement



Consultation Responses


Manston Statutory Consultation July 2017 CPRE Kent response

Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide consultation, Canterbury Committee response, June 2017

air qual consultation

Tunbridge Wells Local-Plan-Issues-And-Options-response- CPRE June 2017

Medway Development Options 26 May 2017 CPRE Kent comments final

DfT Runway consultation May 2017

DfT airspace consultation May 2017

South Eastern consultation response Tunbridge Wells committee May 2017

CPRE Response Land adjacent salmestone grange 16.1765

thanetparkwaystation528261 (1)

Freight Action Plan Consultation March 2017

16 11 25 CPRE TMBC Regulation 18 Comments

Mountfield Park
Mountfield Park final letter May 26 2016
Mountfield Park final letter 2016 09 29

Shepway Places and policies, November 2016

Pond Farm, Newington Planning Inquiry October 2016


Richborough power station mast response July 2017

Richborough mast 16.00524 June 2016

CPRE Response Smarden 16.00045 final April 2016

Brabourne 16.00303.AS Final2

CPRE Comments on Stour Park 14_00906 12th April 2016

Application MC.14.2395 final – Gibraltar Farm

Highways England submission on Thames Crossing March 2016

CPRE Kent representation on Regulation 19 para and policies 17 March 2016

CPRE Kent representation on Soundness of Maidstone Plan 17 March 2016

M20 Junction 10a comments to Highways England, March 2016

Medway issues and options 29 Feb 2016

Application SW.15.510595 – Land off London Road Newington Final

CPRE Kent response SW.15.510254 Swanstree Avenue final

CPRE Kent response to Transport Committee on Operation Stack

CPRE Kent NPPF Consult Response 22 February 2016

Managing freight vehicles through Kent CPRE Consulation Response January 2016

Swale Local Plan consultation documents November 2015:

CPRE Matter 3 Jobs and the Economy Final

CPRE Matter 4 Housing Final

CPRE Matter 6 Environmental issues Final

CPRE Matter 8 Sustainable transport and Infrastructure Final

Maidstone Borough Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation 2015 CPRE Kent Representation

Application 15 00827 -Lydden Race Circuit (002)

Application SW 15 504264 – Perry Court Farm – August 2015

Airports Commission Air Quality CPRE Kent Consultation Response May 2015

Waterside Park Inquiry CPRE Kent Opening Statement

Richborough Connection National Grid consultation March 2015

Thanet Parkway consultation March 2015

Shepway Places and Policies Local Plan – CPRE Kent response March 2015

Thanet Preferred Options Plan covering letter 3rd March 2015

Thanet Preferred Options Plan submitted comments March 2015

Airports Commission Runway Options CPRE Kent Consultation response

Swale Local Plan – comments submitted 30 Jan 2015

Swale Borough Local Plan comments – summary of main points

Planning application response – Chilton Manor Farm, Swanstree Avenue

Waterside Park – Statement of Case

Canterbury Local Plan Legal Opinion

Canterbury Local Plan – latest submitted responses

Maidstone Borough Local Plan (Reg 18) 2014 – final response

London Airspace Consultation Response

CPRE Protect Kent Canterbury Local Plan Preferred Option Consultation

Consultation draft August 2013 – Swale Borough Council Local Plan

CAP 1037 consultation response CPRE Protect Kent

LTC consultation response – CPRE Protect Kent


The Airports Commission Final 130314

Letter on Western Heights and Farthingloe July 2012

Brogdale Place Application SW 13 1567

Perry Court Farm Application SW 14 0015


Response to Proposed heritage section for Dover Land Allocations Document 2012

Response to draft Dover heritage strategy 2012

cpre kent response – n dover wind farm nov 2007

cpre kent kent international gateway response january 2008

Aviation Red Tape Consultation Response

Application SW 14 0015 – Perry Court Farm

Application SW 13 1567 – Brogdale Place (3)

Application SW 14 0045 – Love Lane

Cleve Hill II Consultation Response (CPRE)