We’re back! CPRE has a Thanet committee again


Thanet’s coastline again has its champions… the CPRE district committee

Thanet has a CPRE district committee again.
Sixteen people were at Monkton nature reserve on Monday afternoon (October 23) to take part in the welcome – and long overdue – revival of a committee for the isle, the only CPRE district in the county not to have been regularly represented in recent years despite having some 60 members.
David Morrish, the newly-elected chairman, gave the reasons for looking to reinstate the committee, noting how the community’s approach to planning proposals had previously been “too disjointed and piecemeal”.
He said that parish and town councils had failed to represent their electorate’s views, citing the outline planning application at Salmestone as “a blatant example” of this.
Geoff Orton, who will be district secretary, told the meeting that almost three years ago a meeting in Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs, had been addressed by CPRE Kent director Hilary Newport and senior planner Brian Lloyd, expressing reservations about Thanet’s ability to cope with a then-target of some 12,000 new houses. Now, with new planning methodology in the pipeline, that figure was likely to be close to a staggering 24,000.
If ever Thanet needed a strong CPRE presence, it is clearly now!
Other officers to be voted in were Suzanne Brimm as vice-chair and Colin Bridge as treasurer, while Peter Lorenzo, Alan Gimes, Craig Solly, Mrs M Bawden, Bernard Clayson, Natasha Ransom, Beth Johnson and Sonya Smyth all agreed to stand on the committee, meaning CPRE Thanet had a healthy coverage across the isle.
Finally, it was agreed that in principle Thanet CPRE should aim to meet on the last Monday of every month and, to accommodate as many people as possible, at 6pm. This, of course, might be subject to change on occasion.
Thanet Countryside Trust, which owns Monkton nature reserve, was thanked for its hospitality.
The date of the next meeting, again at Monkton nature reserve, is Monday, November 27, at 6pm.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Thanet Local Plan Consultation

We have set out our concerns about the unrealistic and damagingly high target for new homes and jobs in the draft Thanet Local Plan.

The plan sets a target of 5,000 new jobs. We believe this is unachievable, mainly because the catalyst for growth on which it is based – Manston Airport – has gone. We are advocating a lower target of 3,100 jobs and this would mean the housing target could be reduced.

The housing target of 12,000 new homes is based on population information that is out of date and unreliable. It fails to take account of housing proposed in neighbouring districts – especially Dover. Dover has already set a high growth housing target of 14,000 new homes. In addition, Dover District Council has recently granted planning permission for even more houses – including 500 at the Discovery Park. The Dover and Thanet housing markets are closely aligned, and we believe that Dover will inevitably meet some of the Thanet housing need. This has not been taken into account in Thanet District Council’s assessment of housing need. Continue reading