General Election: Our Countryside Matters


Countryside Charity CPRE Kent is calling on all political parties to embrace our vision for a countryside that is thriving, accessible, and makes a significant contribution to reaching net-zero carbon, We want to see sustainable rural communities, supported by investment from business and government, where people’s voices are heard in decision-making and local needs are met.

Our priorities are:

1) Tackling the climate emergency – the next government must commit to ambitious measures to reach net zero emissions by 2045 through implementing changes to farming practices, the balance of our energy supply and by promoting energy efficiency in homes;

2) A countryside for all of us – our countryside must be a source of wellbeing for everyone. The next government must improve access to green spaces especially for children and those who do not currently have access as well as helping create a litter free future with an ‘all-in’ Deposit Return Scheme for cans and bottles;

3) Planning for communities – the planning system is one of local democracy’s most powerful and effective tools. The government must support a well-resourced planning system that empowers communities and promotes development that responds to their needs. Greenbelt should be protected and a strict ‘brownfield first’ policy committed to; and

4) Creating thriving rural communities – the next government should commit to provide genuinely affordable homes and infrastructure, both digital and actual, such as rural transport that connects communities to employment opportunities and vital public services.

You can read the CPRE leaflet “Our countryside: a manifesto for the next government” here:

8th November 2019