Let June Bloom… and marvel at nature’s magic

Who could argue against the beauty of a natural garden like this?

We’re into the second half of Let June Bloom, the campaign launched this year by CPRE Kent, the countryside charity, and the benefits of taking part are gloriously apparent as wildlife thrives around us.

Many wildflowers and insects are at their peak in June, with plants such as cowslip, evening primrose, meadow clary and wild foxglove all blooming during this month.

Insects hatching in June include large white, small white and small blue butterflies, while painted ladies, red admirals and peacocks can all lend a blaze of colour to our parks and gardens.

Vicky Ellis, of CPRE Kent, said: “We’re asking people to give wildlife the best possible chance by not cutting back the flowers on which so much of it – and ultimately all of us – depends.”

The above picture was taken in Broadstairs by a resident who has indeed let his lawn bloom in June – the spread of bird’s foot trefoil, white clover and red valerian, among others, is the delightful result. We’ll say it again – Let June Bloom!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022