How You Can Help

You can help to support the work that CPRE Kent does in a number of ways. We are always seeking new volunteers for our various committees, so if you feel that you have something to add and can commit some of your time to working to ensure that Kent remains as beautiful as it has always been then please contact us here.

Join CPRE Kent

Membership Benefits

CPRE Kent is a campaigning group and a voice for everyone who wants so save our countryside from unnecessary destruction. We want a future in which our countryside is protected and enhanced while our towns and cities are made more attractive places to live. We are a Registered Charity whose income comes mainly from our members and supporters.
When you join CPRE Kent you also automatically become a member of The Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE) nationally.

Our membership benefits include:

  • Biannual editions of our Kent Voice member’s magazine
  • A member’s programme of local events
  • The national magazine Countryside Voice
  • Half-price entry to over 200 beautiful and historic English houses and gardens
  • A choice of newsletters from CPRE’s policy teams on request
  • Access to the members section of the national website where you will find information and resources on campaigns
  • Access to the Planning Hotline for advice

Membership Rates

Just by becoming a member of CPRE Kent, you are helping to make a crucial contribution to our many campaigns! You also gain some excellent membership benefits.

Category Recommended Minimum
Individual/household £36.00*
Parish Council £36.00*

* Recommended minimum. If you would like to give further support to our work by paying a higher subscription, we would be very grateful. For all membership rates it is possible to pay by a monthly, quarterly or annual Direct Debit.

CPRE Kent 400 Club

Why not consider joining our 400 Club? By joining this lottery club you will be helping CPRE Kent raise vital funds, with at least 50% of the takings being used for good causes. That leaves up to 50% for cash prizes!
Each share is just £12 for a whole year (£1 a month) with no limit on how many you purchase. The
more you buy the better your chances of winning. Why not give them as a gift for someone special?
The 2017 lottery begins in January with draws taking place each month until the 31st December
2017. Prize winners will be contacted by CPRE Kent within 2 weeks of the draw date and their
names published in the Kent Voice. Print off the form below and return to the address provided.