LTC Local Refinement Consultation – simply not good enough from National Highways

Lower Thames Crossing: CPRE Kent believes there needs to be a further and final round of consultation

CPRE Kent has responded to the Lower Thames Crossing Local Refinement Consultation.

As with the previous National Highways consultation, our main takeaway has been yet further frustration with the lack of detail provided, as well as the piecemeal fashion in which it is being provided.

There remain gaping holes in the information being provided; the documentation is very hard to navigate; key bits of information are buried in other documents from previous rounds of consultation; and key questions remain unanswered. There are also extremely important surveys such as air pollution surveys still yet to be done.

This is simply not good enough.

Sleek presentations, online videos and glossy brochures are one thing; however, it is the substance of the consultation that matters. 

It is for these reasons we strongly believe there needs to be a further and final round of consultation which brings together and updates all elements of the evidence base. This should be undertaken as a full statutory and be presented in cohesive and transparent manner. 

While this will never overcome our in-principle objection to the LTC project, this is the minimum that must be done to allow the people of Kent to fully understand the environmental, social and economic impacts of the LTC scheme.

  • CPRE Kent’s detailed comments on the consultation can be found here
  • For more on the Lower Thames Crossing, see here

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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