Submission to Airport Commission focuses on noise and tranquillity

CPRE Kent has made a submission to the Airports Commission consultation into a new runway at Gatwick or Heathrow, raising the issues of noise and tranquillity and pressure on the environment and infrastructure.

The consultation closed yesterday (3rd February) and the Commission will publish its report this summer.

In our submission, we have drawn on the devastating impacts of recent flight path alterations which have seen a concentration of flights over previously tranquil areas of west Kent.

“This has brought misery to many people living in west Kent,” said CPRE Kent Director Hilary Newport. “The importance of tranquillity cannot be overstated – it is the main reason why people enjoy the countryside and can prevent stress and aid people’s enjoyment of exercise and play.”


We have also focused on the extraordinary pressure that would be placed on the environment and the existing infrastructure of the surrounding areas of Heathrow or Gatwick by drawing thousands of additional employees and passengers to an area of the country already struggling to cope with the pressure on housing and transport.

Dr Newport said: “The Airports Commission appears to be ignoring the fundamental issue of environmental capacity.  Increasing the indirect stress on water supplies, impacting heavily on the environment, in particular wildlife habitats and countryside leisure opportunities, and affecting resilience to flooding in a future of uncertain weather are all aspects that must be considered.  Some of these problems can be resolved with civil engineering solutions, but there is a very real risk of a runway that functions economically and technically but at far too high a price on the environment.”

To read the full submission click here.

4th February 2015.

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