Richborough line – we say place power lines underground

Energy giant National Grid has unveiled its final plans for a towering network of pylons running from Canterbury to Richborough near Sandwich.

The company says it has tweaked proposals for the chain of “lattice” pylons which will cut through the East Kent countryside. It plans a revised version of its ‘north corridor’ route using two types of pylon – a “standard” 50 metre model and a “low height” 42 metre alternative.

Photo by James Waghorn, flickr

Photo by James Waghorn, flickr

We welcome that fact that National Grid is engaging with the public, and that some efforts are being made to minimise visual impact at the Ash Levels.

However, the new pylons will be significantly taller than the existing pylons and this will have a huge visual impact on the countryside. We would like more of the power transmission lines to be placed underground to protect the visual impact on the countryside. We believe this could be achieved with a more integrated multi-agency approach – for example, undergrounding of power transmission lines might also offer an opportunity for channelling high-speed broadband to rural areas.

To view the plans click here.

To view CPRE Kent’s full consultation response click here.

31st March 2015.

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