Motocross ban to protect species and prevent noise disturbance

A planning inspector has dismissed an appeal into motocross on a site in the countryside on a former quarry between Harrietsham and Sandway. The appellants had sought permission to use the land for the riding of motorcycles for 28 days per year and this was refused.



Photo: Wildlife Wanderer

CPRE Kent had raised concerns about the Great Crested Newts on the site – they are a protected species and it is unlawful to kill, harm or disturb them. They would be at risk of being crushed on the track or harmed by sand spray.

CPRE Kent also raised concerns about noise disturbance to nearby residents.The inspector agreed that “the proposed development would have a significant adverse impact on the health and quality of life of surrounding occupiers, with particular regard to noise and disturbance”.

The appeal decision is attached below:


November 29th 2016


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