Legal action challenges 4,000 homes in south Canterbury

Good news that campaigners have been granted permission to challenge the decision to allow a huge development of 4,000 homes in south Canterbury at Judicial Review.

Emily Shirley and Michael Rundell, supported by many including CPRE Kent, have mounted the legal challenge over the failure of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government not to call in the application on air pollution grounds.


They say: “The legal challenge will also force Canterbury City council to adopt a legally compliant Air Quality Action Plan and to support planning proposals that actually reduce air pollution and makes life better for all Canterbury residents.”

They have today won permission to have their case heard by a judge.


CPRE Kent is concerned about Mountfield park because of the impact on the heritage setting of the world heritage site of Canterbury, the impact on the already terrible traffic problems and the air pollution this will cause and the impact on the countryside.

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May 3rd 2017


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