Dover Heritage Strategy Response

CPRE Protect Kent has sent detailed comments on Dover District’s draft Heritage Strategy and how it intends to include it in the forthcoming land allocations development plan document. The branch has welcomed the initiative taken by Dover, but we think that the balance in the strategy is skewed too much in favour of using heritage assets to further the Council’s regeneration objectives rather than recognising that assets need to be protected for future generation. Although there are many good examples of where heritage assets have played a central part in regeneration projects, it will not always be the case that the protection and future use of heritage assets will be secured through regeneration proposals.  We have called on the Council to amend the strategy to acknowledge and emphasise that regeneration will only be appropriate where it enhances and not threatens heritage assets. Without this there is the real risk of heritage being seen as an obstacle to be overcome rather than an asset to be embraced.  Our responses in full can be viewed here:

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