Controversial Chislet windfarm plan shelved

Controversial plans for a wind farm of between 9 and 11 turbines on-shore, between Sarre and St Nicholas at Wade on the borders of Canterbury and Thanet districts have been shelved. RES Developments Ltd has suspended its proposals to build turbines up to 150m high (taller than the London Eye).

Artists's impression, photo by Stop Chislet Windfarm

Artists’s impression, photo by Stop Chislet Windfarm

The Government is withdrawing support for onshore wind farms with good reason – the landscape and community impacts are frequently unacceptable.

RES says it will suspend discussion on the windfarm until the Local Plan (currently at Examination stage) has progressed further and it has seen what happens over proposed housing developments and the Richborough connection power lines.

RES wind farm in Norfolk

RES wind farm in Norfolk

CPRE Kent Director Hilary Newport said: “While we remain hugely supportive of the development of renewable and low-carbon energy, we maintain that energy infrastructure should be built at appropriate scale and in appropriate locations. ”




For more information on the Stop Chislet Windfarm Campaign click here.

October 5th 2015

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