Last day to sign important petition – give communities a voice

You have just today left to sign an important petition calling for parish councils to be given the right to appeal planning decisions to the Planning Inspectorate. we are strongly supporting this because the current planning system is unfair.

Kent aeria photo by Vicky Ellis

Kent aerial photo by Vicky Ellis

CPRE has long called for a limited community right of appeal in areas where a development is non-compliant with a neighbourhood plan or local plan. Currently parish councils and other community groups have the power to produce neighbourhood plans, but no scope to stop developers overriding this by putting in speculative planning applications for approval by the district council. Budget cuts within local authorities mean that they are under increasing pressure to allow large developments, even when these are not in line with the community’s aspirations for the future of its area.

CPRE Chief Executive Shaun Spiers said: “The planning system needs to be rebalanced to give communities the right to stand up to bullying developers and appeal against planning decisions which ignore local or neighbourhood plans. The grounds on which developers can appeal should be restricted and a limited community right of appeal introduced. The vast majority of planning applications would be unaffected by such measures, but they would provide important safeguards to ensure communities can resist unsustainable development proposals.”

You can support the petition here. It has reached more than 13,000 signatures.

April 12th 2016

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