CPRE Kent has a number of guidance policies in place to help our district committees form views on the range of campaigns they fight. Because every piece of land is different, as is every planning application, we can only produce guidlines for use in campaigning. If you would like to find out what we think about the topics below, simply click on the relevant link:

Until the decision is taken on whether, or where, to expand runway capacity in the South East, find out here what our thoughts are on the prospect of an entirely new hub airport east of London: Thames Estuary Airport Policy

The Solar Farm Practice note has been created in order to offer a practical guide to help you fight against inappropriate solar farms in the countryside. Solar Farm Practice Note

This is our local policy on large scale power generation on agricultural land: Solar Farms Policy

With the identification of major shale oil resources in The Weald, and the prospect of fracking operations being undertaken to exploit them, we developed a local policy on fracking: Fracking Policy. However, a moratorium on fracking in England was announced by the government in 2019 and it has since been confirmed that it will not be pursuing shale gas in the UK.