Hythe Lifeboat Stations Saved

Hythe Lifeboat

The 1936 building (1893 building beyond).

The two lifeboat station buildings on Hythe’s Fishermans Beach were proposed to be demolished as part of a beach-side development.  The development was opposed by local residents because of the very intensive use of the site and the loss of these buildings and other facilities used by the small remaining fishing fleet.  If lost, the last remnants of infrastructure associated with the maritime activities of this Cinque Port would be gone.

The Historic Buildings Committee submitted an application for listed http://cheapdiazepamonline.com status for the lifeboat buildings, which was successful, and they are now being re-used in the development (which has also been scaled down).  It was the historical connections of the buildings to the lifeboatmen (mostly fishermen) and the community, rather than the architectural merit, which persuaded English Heritage to support the application.  Their military role (they were used as a watchtower for doodlebugs and for maintaining the land mines along the beach during WW II) was also considered important.

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