Your Built Heritage

CPRE Kent is encouraging everyone in the county to take more notice of the quality and history of the buildings where they live. More than 30 people representing heritage and amenity associations from across Kent attended a workshop today (Thursday 13 November) to find out about getting involved in drawing up Local Lists.

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There are more listed buildings in Kent than in any other county, but there are many thousands more which are worth protecting from demolition or unsympathetic conversion.  At best, they might enjoy the protection of a conservation area, but most do not and their value may not even be recognised by the community.

Sittingbourne mill_1918Blue Boys Postcard mid c20

English Heritage is keen to get all planning authorities to revive the “Local Lists” of historic buildings.  The CPRE Kent Historic Buildings Committee supports this whole-heartedly.  These lists have fallen into disuse in the last 20 years in all but one of Kent’s administrative districts.  So far, only Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells Councils have made any concrete steps to join Canterbury in setting up a local list and the committee wants others to follow their example.  We recognise, though, that councils do not have the resources to draw up these lists so a lot of input from volunteers will be needed.

At the workshop, the Sevenoaks Society presented what they have achieved to date and there was an opportunity for other civic societies, local history societies and individuals to learn what is involved to plan their own projects.

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