Who cares about Dartford and Gravesham?

Developers only appear to care about their profits! So who really cares what is built near you? All too often councils only seem to care about their party being re-elected or hanging on power. So who cares if your children cannot get into their local school because they are oversubscribed due to excessive house building? So who cares if your journey to work takes longer because the transport system cannot cope with the mass of people living in the area? Civil servants, it frequently seems, are simply promoted to their level of incompetence. This frequently means that if a senior civil servant gets things wrong they either rise up the food chain or the mess they have caused gets covered up. So who cares if in years to come there are food shortages because we have more people than the country can feed?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The only people who really care about this area are people like you and I. The more local people who support these beliefs, the greater the impact we can have. This is why GRRG was formed so local action groups could share information and when required all speak with one voice.

In April there will be an Examination In public (E.I.P) on changes to the local plan forced on the council by the government appointed housing Inspector. The outcome of the EIP could be 1,000 homes built and some (or indeed all) of these will be on the greenbelt. If we are to protect our countryside it is vital that as many groups as possible are part of GRRG and are represented at the EIP.

I know it is wrong, but quite often by the time that local people find out about a development in their area it is too late to stop it. The EIP is your chance to stop development in your area. This is a call to action—don’t let the opportunity pass you by.Denton2013.01

CPRE is a leading countryside protection, planning and environmental charity which works throughout England to stop damaging development and ensure that our countryside is safeguarded for future generations. As an active local member of the charity, I have been proud to head up its drive to improve sustainable transport provision. Throughout the Dartford and Gravesham area, we need more active members if its work is to continue at its current level. You don’t need to have experience in planning, as training can be provided. All you need is an enthusiasm and hunger to help protect and stand up for your countryside. As a charity, we are also always in need of new members; so even if you don’t want to help as an active volunteer, I would ask you to support the work we do by committing just £3 a month to ensure we are able to continue our activities.

If you are willing to give up a little time to make your area a better place to live please contact the office on Jamie@cprekent.org.uk and he will put you in touch with us.

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