Darent Catchment Improvement Group

In 2012, a range of partners from organisations, community groups, charities, local councils and government agencies joined to form the Darent Catchment Improvement Group (DCIG). This group is working to improve the River Darent and ensure it can reach Good Ecological Potential/Status by 2027.

The priority for the DCIG is to develop, promote and deliver a Vision and Catchment Improvement Plan for the River Darent by the end of 2014.

The Catchment Improvement Plan will include priorities for the River Darent including flood prevention, pollution control and fish passage as well as identifying local issues such as poor quality http://buycialisquality.com habitat, access and recreation. Actions will be developed detailing the projects that need to be done to achieve the overall aim to improve the river and will help to guide the work that will be delivered.

The DCIG is currently Chaired by Louise Smith of North West Kent Countryside Partnership (NWKCP). Membership of the DCIG currently includes:

  • Environment Agency
  • Angling clubs
  • CPRE Protect Kent
  • Darent River Preservation Society
  • Darent Valley Consortium
  • Dartford District Council
  • Kent Fisheries Consultative Association
  • Kent Wildlife Trust
  • National Farmers Union
  • Sevenoaks District Council

There is also an opportunity for your views to be raised through our representative at the DCIG meetings by contacting;

Jamie Weir