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CPRE Kent Office: 51.209102, 0.793698
Water supply and management: 51.382300, 1.359400
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CPRE Kent Office

Queen's Head House
TN27 0AD

Charing, United Kingdom
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Water supply and management
Summer 2021 saw massive controversy over mismanaged foul-water discharges into the sea; our branch looks forward to helping hold Southern Water to account as the district’s primary statutory water body. There needs to be an adequate strategic plan from Southern Water to update existing treatment systems and ensure that coastal waters and inland water courses are not threatened by disfunctional management and outdated, ill-maintained equipment and infrastructure. We hope to work with other interested bodies and the Environment Agency on this. We will press for more account to be taken of the constraints of water supply on the whole issue of planning rather than reliance on extending metering. We expect better, more cogent and professional advice from Southern Water as the statutory consultee on water supply and foul water regarding development proposals.
Westbrook England, United Kingdom