Gravesham Green Belt: fight for it or lose it!

Downs Road, Istead Rise, where 165 homes could be built

Local people are being urged to fight for the Green Belt in Gravesham.
Below is a list of the sites under threat and Alex Hills, Gravesham chairman of CPRE Kent, is making clear what is at stake.
“Many of these sites are on prime farmland, which is much needed for food supply,” he said.
“The proposals will result in villages merging, while no account has been taken of the impact of the new Thames crossing or the planned theme park.
“Many of the locations have poor public-transport links and the infrastructure is not there to support the developments.
“The sites in Meopham and Istead Rise will increase traffic on the A227, which is already facing at least a 10 per cent increase in traffic from the new Thames crossing.
“Further, these developments would destroy important wildlife habitat.
“Please, if you want to protect the Gravesham countryside, write to your MP and your ward councillor.”
Proposals in the Gravesham Local Plan Regulation 18 (Stage 2) Consultation could see 425 new homes in Higham, 275 in Istead Rise and 1,705 in Meopham, plus commercial development.

Sites under threat:

  • Land west of Wrotham Road (Site B), next to Helen Alison school, Hook Green, Meopham. Meopham North: 120 dwellings
  • Land at Longfield Avenue, New Barn, Istead Rise: 25 dwellings
  • Willerby Farm, 2 Downs Road, Istead Rise: 10 dwellings
  • Land west of Walmers Avenue, Higham Shorne, Cobham and Luddesdown: 40 dwellings
  • Land north of Steeles Lane, Meopham DA13 0QQ (behind houses south side of the green). Meopham South: 95 dwellings
  • Land north of The Drove Way, Istead Rise (behind the island): 75 dwellings
  • Land west of Norwood Lane, Meopham (Churchways, Meopham). Meopham North: 150 dwellings
  • Former Tollgate Hotel, Gravesend: commercial
  • Land adjacent to Higham station: commercial
  • Canal Road, Higham: 10 dwellings
  • School Close, Hook Green, Meopham. Meopham North: 15 dwellings
  • Land to the south of Green Lane and east of Wrotham Road, Hook Green, Meopham (opposite Camer Parade). Meopham North: 350 dwellings
  • Land at and adjoining Buckland Farm, Chalk Road, Higham: 40 dwellings
  • Land north of Camer Road, Hook Green, Meopham (Norwood Lane to Sole Street). Meopham North: 520 dwellings
  • Land north of Melliker Lane, Hook Green, Meopham. Meopham North: 160 dwellings
  • Land between Melliker Lane and Longfield Road, Hook Green. Meopham North: 180 dwellings
  • Land to the north, east and west of Three Crutches. Higham/Shorne, Cobham and Luddesdown: commercial
  • Rose Farm, Downs Road, Istead Rise: 165 dwellings
  • Land to the east and south of Lomer Farm, Wrotham Road, Meopham (behind Cricketers Drive): Meopham North 115 dwellings
  • Land between Lower Rochester Road, Hermitage Road and School Lane, Higham: 85 dwellings
  • Land between Taylors Lane and School Lane, to the north of High View, Higham: 250 dwellings 
  • You can learn more from Gravesham Borough Council’s Local Plan Core Strategy Partial Review and Site Allocations Document and Development Management Policies Document here  

Friday, November 6, 2020

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