Stand Up for the Countryside

The beauty of England’s countryside is a national treasure renowned throughout the world. For such a small country, our geology, climate and history have produced a unique range of landscapes that people love.
But with short-term economic needs dominating the political agenda, the countryside is under increasing pressure. Careless housing and infrastructure development and consequent loss of countryside are often the result, despite alternative options that can deliver the development
we need while safeguarding a beautiful and living countryside.

manifesto 2015

We call on all parties to develop better policies so we have:

  • the right housing in the right places
  • the right infrastructure for the right reasons
  • a beautiful countryside to sustain us all

CPRE’s manifesto sets out our priorities for the next Government under these three themes. Read the manifesto here.

Hear CPRE Kent Director Hilary Newport explain our priorities for the next Government on video clip here.

January 20th 2015.

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