Nominate your Local Green Space

CPRE Kent is encouraging everyone to think about open areas in their neighbourhood and nominate them as “Local Green Spaces”. If adopted by local planning authorities in their local plan and/or in a neighbourhood plan, these areas will enjoy a status equivalent to Green Belt.

As all planning authorities in Kent are now updating their plans, now is your chance to get protection of the green spaces you love against building development. Shepway, for example, is calling for nominations in its latest consultation document here. The consultation closes on 11 March 2015.

Shorne Village, photo by Roy Dinnis

Shorne Village, photo by Roy Dinnis

There is no minimum or maximum size specified for a Local Green Space in the National Planning Policy Framework and CPRE Kent is opposing such restrictions being imposed in Local Plans.

Have a look around you and get your nominations in!

March 3rd 2015.

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