London Resort, Swanscombe, the BBC and biodiversity… actions will speak louder than words

The Swanscombe peninsula is a wonderful place for wildlife (pic Paul Buckley)

Are you enjoying Green Planet, the BBC’s latest natural-history blockbuster (showing now on all working televisions)?
Of course, the corporation’s standards in this field are second to none, while it makes a big deal of its record on sustainability, so it’s difficult to understand its involvement in the proposed development of the London Resort theme park, a scheme that would effectively destroy one of the most wildlife-rich sites in the country – the Swanscombe peninsula.
Campaigner Chris Rose highlights this apparent quandary in his blog on biodiversity, which will be highlighted during COP CBD15, or the 15th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity, taking place in China in May.
As he points out, the ongoing loss of biodiversity – the ‘nature emergency’ – is overshadowed by the climate emergency, even though the two are inextricably linked. This, he argues, needs to change, with lip-service to the cause of biodiversity translating into genuine action and policy change.
The failure of the theme-park developer, London Resort Company Holdings, to meet deadlines has delayed the Planning Inspectorate’s six-month examination of its application and the process is now anticipated to begin in March (it had been scheduled for September last year), meaning it is likely to be running throughout COP15.
The UK government will of course be participating in that conference – it’s time for the big talk to be matched by the action…

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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