Growing energy and why it isn’t sustainable!

Does the UK want energy rather than food? I don’t think so, but that is effectively what we are committing ourselves to with every large new solar farm that is given permission on ‘Best and Most Versatile’ agricultural land.

At CPRE Protect Kent we believe that development should always be in the best possible place; so the idea of using high quality, food producing land for solar farms to harvest energy runs totally contrary to our idea of sustainability.Solar Farm Energy Production Kent

We believe that solar farms should be in the right places such as the very many large, empty rooftops in industrial estates or the big plots of unproductive brownfield land. Why put a massive solar farm on a piece of land which is already producing something that we need in the UK and which will grow in importance in the future–food! Even the industry body’s recently published guidelines say that it is wrong to use best and most versatile agricultural land for solar farms.

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