Airport Expansion consultation opens

We will be campaigning to protect the tranquillity of West Kent by calling for changes in flight paths and saying NO to a second runway at Gatwick.

We are calling for the permanent withdrawal of the P-RNAV route which has caused intolerable levels of noise due to the concentration of the flight paths over parts of West Kent. We must stop the loss of tranquillity in this area.


And we say the second runway at Gatwick is not needed. We should focusing on making the best use of the runway capacity there, and more environment-friendly transport strategies, not carving up the south east for more runways. We believe we should maximise the use of cross-Channel routes to France and ensure that flights are not crossing to the near continent half empty.

We are pleased that Kent County Council said today (November 24th) that it is now opposed to a second runway at Gatwick and is also campaigning against the intolerable noise levels affecting some of Kent’s residents. Read more on our Gatwick campaign here.

24 Nov 2014

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