England is a small country with a high population density and widespread, intense pressure for development. Nevertheless we still have large areas of incomparably beautiful countryside. CPRE exists to protect our natural landscapes from destruction and degradation and help maintain a thriving and vibrant countryside for the benefit of all.

Established in 1926, CPRE is a registered charity with about 60,000 members and supporters. The charity operates as a network with over 200 district groups, a branch in every county, a group in every region and a national office. Over 2,000 parish councils and 800 amenity societies belong to CPRE. This makes CPRE a powerful combination of effective local action and strong national campaigning.

Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
President: Emma http://tadalafiltablets.net Bridgwater
Chairman: Simon Murray
Chief Executive: Crispin Truman

The Kent Branch of CPRE is a registered charity in its own right and has groups of volunteers in each district as well as specialist groups covering issues such as transport problems and historic buildings. If you would like to find out what is happening in your district or borough, then please click this link.

President: Graham Clarke
Patron: Sir Robert Worcester
Vice-Presidents: Amanda Cottrell OBE, Damian Green MP, Tracey Crouch MP, Richard Knox-Johnston, Christine Drury, Nigel Britten

Chairman: John Wotton

The branch office has six members of staff:

hilary_webHilary Newport (Director)

Paul Buckley (Planner)
Mondays and Thursdays

Julie Davies (Planner)

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

Vicky Ellis (General Manager)vicky_ellis

David Mairs (Communications & PR Manager)
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Richard Thompson (Planner)